About Kawthoolei

Kawthoolei, literally means a land without evil in Sqaw Karen, is the Karen name of the land of Karen people. Conservative estimates suggest that there are about seven to eight million Karen people settling in today's Burma and Thailand. Due to the ongoing civil war between the Karen resistance forces and the Burma army, roughly about one hundred thousand Karen refugees are currently taking refuge in the refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. A significant number of them recently migrated to the United States under refugee resettlement program. Some notable enclaves of Karen community in the United States are in Bakersfield (California), St. Paul (Minnesota) and Utica (New York).

Designed by a team of Karen people currently residing in the United States, the primary purpose of this website, as an important electronic media outlet, is to provide contemporary news, views and perspectives by and about the Karen people.


Kawthoolei.org does not receive funding from any organization; nor is it affiliated with any political organization in Burma or abroad. Kawthoolei.org stands to be an independent and impartial media outlet aimed to provide contemporary information of all kinds – social, cultural, educational and political – about Karen people the world over.